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    School FAQ

    Teachers & Training

    1. Will Sarswati Vidya Mandir School provide the qualified teachers? What would be the salary and remunerations of the staff?
    Ans. The quality of staff will have a great impact on the quality of education offered in the school. Hence it is crucial that we personally supervise the recruitment process to attract the best possible talent. The teachers and other staff have to be recruited at local level and we do assist the franchisee at the time of recruitment and training of staff. The number of staff members will be decided keeping in mind the response to the admissions. Their salary will be governed by market , but in no case will it be less than government/HPBSE scales

    2. How will I learn to run my school?

    Ans. In addition to the manuals, we have created a training programme and hands-on experience that will teach you to run your school. We will also host an annual conference, which will bring associates together to discuss opportunities to improve skills and share best practices. It will allow us to communicate with all our branches about various school issues and operational improvements.

    3. How much does training cost?

    Ans. The cost of the initial training is included within the License Fee. The only items not covered are your own travel, accommodation and food expenses. Further trainings may be chargeable.


    1. Does Sarswati Vidya Mandir School provide the books, study material, uniform, etc., or we have organise the material locally?
    Ans. Yes Sarswati Vidya Mandir School provides the books, uniform, study material like worksheets etc and you don’t have to procure the things locally. We will have our own suppliers and you have to buy the prescribed books and uniforms from them. For other school requirements, we have a recommended list of suppliers, but you are free to have local suppliers if they work out to be cheaper, provided the quality is upto the mark and approved by us.

    2. How much involvement will I need to commit to the school, as a franchisee?
    Ans. Most of the day-to-day communication can be directly between the school principal and us. However, as with any organization you will need to recruit & manage your staff, monitor the financials and look after some administration work as well.
    3. Can I offer additional services at the school location such as sports coaching, tuitions and hobby classes?
    Ans. Some of these are wonderful “value-added” services. If you have the space in your location for these services and you are licensed to provide them or you would like to employee or contract with people who are licensed to provide these services, you may go ahead with our permission. We reserve the right to approve any proposed additional services and require all applicable licenses, should we grant approval.